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Cirque Show

Get ready to take a trip to the French palace of  Versailles with Cirque Mirage, LLC 60-minute avant-garde French Victorian Cirque Show “Ritual ”  The performance revolves around a group of French Upper-class that unknowingly perform the ritual to unleash the mischievous Absinthe Fairy while making their drinks. As they unknowingly sip their drinks they don't realize the effect The Green Fairy has to sway the partygoers to do as she pleases. Be swept away on a whimsical Cirque night with the elite upper class and their mischevous guest.

Produced By Veronica Camaioni 

Show information 

Show length: 60 minutes 

Portable Rigging options available for inside and outside events

The show can be adapted to your budget and event theme. 

Please Contact for more info

Absinthe Fairy in Giant Glass & Fire Eating

Aerial Violin


LED Hooping

Duo Cradle

Sword Swallowing



LED Lyra


Knife Juggling 

Spanish Webs

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