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Aerial Champagne Servers

Meet with a performer as they pour your drink from the sky. We can fit our freestanding rigging system or our no rigging required Freestanding base. We have multiple apparatuses that we can serve from to fit your event style (ex.) freestanding Lyra, Freestanding Chandelier act, Giant Champagne Glass, and harness; Inside or outside without having to disturb the surrounding area. Our lightweight strong ringing can fit in almost any space. Aerial Champagne service is a fun and exciting way for performers to interact with guests. They can serve any drink you like from champagne to wine and even cocktails. If your guest of honor is younger than 21 years of age we can even have Mocktail (non-alcoholic) drinks served. We can also hand out gift bags or hors-d'oeuvres to guests.

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