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Professional Cirque Performers For Events

Hire Professional Cirque Performers For Outdoor Events

The team at Cirque Mirage, LLC is able to provide professional cirque performers for events, no matter how large or small. We are happy to perform at social gatherings, corporate conferences, or receptions. Our professional cirque performers for events are perfect for outdoor performances. We have several stationary acts that work well outdoors, such as our Rose Queen. Adorned in a beautiful costume, our Rose Queen is happy to glide over turf while she mingles and greets your guests. She is just the right guest to bring to your garden party. Or, select a stationary fountain act. These performers appear to be a rigid, stone fountain, including running water. Astound guests when the statue begins to move and interact with guests!


Some of our most popular circus performers for events include our water acts. These acts are the ultimate outdoor performance sure to stun and amaze guests. To select one of our water performances, you must already have a pool or body of water. Some of our water circus performers for events include our mermaids or bubble spheres. Have a beautiful mermaid swim through your pool at your event, greeting guests and blowing bubbles. Mermaids can be paired with other performance acts too, such as the aerial net or the giant champagne glass. Our bubble spheres gently float on top of the surface of the water and house beautiful and talented performers. The performers are contortionists and can even incorporate lighting into a show that will dazzle guests after dark. Or, choose our performance involving a giant, 7 foot tall champagne glass filled with water. Our talented performer will flip, twist, and swim through the champagne glass, entertaining guests.

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