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Unique Wedding Entertainment to Make Your Celebration Stand Out!

An important aspect of wedding planning is determining what your overall goal for the event is and whether you want an intimate affair or a blowout party. If the goal is to make your wedding an event people will remember, booking a unique type of entertainment is one way to accomplish this goal. Guests might forget the food you served or what color the bridal party wore, but they will not forget seeing a performing hang suspended from the sky or mermaids swimming in the pool. Here are some types of unique wedding entertainment you can book:

Aerial Wedding Entertainment

Suspended from the sky, aerial performers look like they are flying as they travel across the wedding venue. An aerial duo, hanging from our suspended chandelier, can move together to symbolize the power of your love. Aerial performers can work with a range of setups, from long bolts of silk to hoops and webs. They can even interact with your guests, pouring champagne into their glasses or playing live music on the violin.

Floor Based Entertainment

Floor-based acts can provide unique wedding entertainment that ranges from dancers to models and even walking works of art. Living statues and fountains grab the attention of your guests and elevate the feel of your event and can be customized to match your theme. We also offer floor-based entertainment that serves a function, helping your guests stay fed and hydrated. Our champagne skirt holds up to 60 glasses at once, and as the performer walks through the venue, guests can take photos or grab a glass of bubbly.

Props and Décor Items

Another way to make the atmosphere unique is to add oversized props and unique décor items that make the venue look different from any other wedding or party held in the same space. Bringing in items from outside the venue helps to keep the wedding atmosphere unique without the added hassle of redecorating or covering the whole space. These items create a focal point for guests to put their attention on. Our oversized champagne glass makes the party location festive and exciting, especially with one of our mermaids placed inside. If you have a pool your guests aren’t likely to use, you can have performers in our bubble sphere to entertain your guests and make the pool a visual focal point.

Unique wedding entertainment is a great way to make your wedding one that friends and family will talk about for years.

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