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Entertainment Ideas for Corporate Events

Corporate events are a great way to foster team bonding through socialization and enjoyment. What can be tricky about it, however, is the preparation. As teams and companies have a variety of people in it, the event should have activities that everyone can enjoy. At the same time, it would be great if it would bring opportunity for new experiences.

Here are some entertainment ideas you can consider when planning for a company event that everyone can enjoy.

Live Music/Band

Deciding to go for live music is easy enough; deciding on what kind of music is quite another. Ideally, the music you will choose will be something that everyone would be able to relate to. If your company is strictly corporate, and the event is expected to still be somewhat formal, then hiring a rock band might not be as suited for the occasion.

If the demographic of your staff and employees are on the younger side, then a DJ or pop band might be a better fit than, say, a live orchestra. The same goes if you’re picking a live performer. At the very least, they should be able to cover a wide range of genres to cater to an audience of all ages.

Cirque Performance

Here’s something that’s for sure going to be eye-catching and riveting! A circus performance is actually one of the more in demand entertainments for corporate events because of the Wow Factor it brings.

Some would do cirque performers as a prelude to the main event, while in other instances, it is the main part of the night. This would especially be a great experience for those who have always dreamed of watching a live cirque show, but have not had the opportunity yet.

From fabulous aerial shows to mystical mermaids, and of course, the cunning magicians, there would be plenty to see and talk about at your corporate event and in the following days to come.

Contents and Raffles

Everybody wants a chance to win. Another great idea to have your company staff excited about your event is the prospect of winning a grand prize. To do this, you can either come up with contests, such as Best Dressed or Best Talent, or give out the prizes in a raffle draw.

What’s great about this particular idea is that it encourages the staff to engage and participate in the event. Coming up with a performance in groups can already be an opportunity for them to foster teamwork while having fun too. A little wholesome competition can be fun too!

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