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Event Entertainment

Turn to Circus Entertainment For Events

If you are tasked with putting together an event, you have a lot on your plate. Not only do you have to worry about a guest list, transportation, and a menu, but you also need to keep your guests entertained. Too often, entertainment for large social and corporate events becomes mundane and sedentary. It is all too common to have a speaker or presenter speak at your event. For your next conference or reception, turn to Cirque Mirage, LLC for your event entertainment. As a leader in the circus and entertainment industry, we are happy to provide your guests with an experience they will truly remember. Based out of Southern California, we are happy to travel to your event location and put on a show made up of one, or several performances. We have performers in several disciplines ranging from aerial acts to floor performances. For your next event, be sure to talk to a member of our team today to select just the right entertainment for your venue.


When selecting circus entertainment for events, it can be challenging to include the loved aerial acts at your event. While people love to see the performers twisting and flipping while suspended high above the floor, building logistics can make aerial acts hard to plan. If you are planning circus entertainment for events, do not rule out the possibility of having an aerialist. At Cirque Mirage, LLC we have the ability to bring our own rigging to your site. We can set up our rigging either indoors or outdoors to ensure you get the circus performer you, and your guests want to see. If you want to have an aerialist perform at your next event, we offer easy to book packages for aerialists. Choose from a tripod rigging system or a deluxe rigging package for your event. In most cases, we only need a minimum 19 foot clearance for our aerialist performance.

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