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Aerial Silks Event Entertainment

Find The Best Cirque Performers Los Angeles Has to Offer

If you are searching for the very best cirque performers Los Angeles has to offer, then look no further than Cirque Mirage, LLC. Based in Southern California, our team has amassed the best selection of circus performers available. We have full shows that we can offer, as well as special, individualized performers. Select performances from either our aerial acts, or our floor performers. For our floor performers, we have a range of acts to select from. Choose a traditional juggler for your next event, or opt for a death defying sword swallower. If you have an event that requires guests to move and mingle throughout the night, we have several stationary acts that will sure to get a laugh. A living statue that will entertain the crowd, or a Rose Queen to walk throughout an outdoor space are perfect icebreakers and conversation starters.


Or, for larger spaces with enough height in the room, an aerial act might be the best option. If you are seeking aerial silks event entertainment, the team at Cirque Mirage, LLC has plenty to choose from. We offer traditional aerial silks event entertainment with one or multiple performers. Or, for a similar act with a more edgy feel, choose our Spanish Web performers. More still, we offer a net performer who shows a unique aerial performance, performing astonishing flips, twists, and turns all while suspended in a net. To really wow a crowd, we have the ability to provide an aerial act that pours champagne to passing guests. This is a great way to make a statement, and memories that will last a lifetime for your guests.

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